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Freedom from pain with Myofascial Release Therapy



My work with Carla has been exceptionally beneficial, physically and mentally. 

First, let me say that Carla has earned my abiding trust and respect as a myofascial release therapist. But beyond her technical abilities, she also provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere with her attention always on her client's welfare. 

When I first came to Carla, I had limited range of motion in my hips and lower back, my neck and shoulders, with chronic pain in my lower-back and neck. At our first session Carla first took great pains to assess by entire body -- how I stand and walk -- and review my past injuries and life’s battle scars. 

By reading my body, she suggested approaching areas where the myofacia seemed tight to her trained eye, but which were not necessarily areas of pain or discomfort to me. As she worked heavily on the front of my left thigh, a bone that had been broken many years before, I experienced memories, feelings, and forgotten experiences. I began to become more aware of my body as a whole, and the interconnectedness of all its tissues. As Carla worked on my thigh I felt many areas of constriction open, from my feet, to my jaw, including my hip, lower back and abdomen. 

At the end of our first session my entire body felt more open, less constricted, I had greater awareness of my body as a whole, I felt lighter, taller, and could move with much more ease. All of this, in contrast to how I felt before we had started, made me realize how weighed-down, heavy and constricted my body had been beforehand. I had only been acutely aware of the physical pain, but not the level of constriction and heaviness that was affecting my entire body. 

Over the course of the three to four MFR sessions with Carla my range of motion has increased, the chronic pain has decreased, and my flexibility and ease of movement has dramatically improved. 

I have found myofascial release to be an incredible avenue for the holistic exploration of my own state of wellness, and the constrictions that lies within --both physical and emotional, none of which would be likely without Carla’s skills as a practitioner. I have a great regard for her ability to read and gently assist the body’s fascia, and am deeply grateful to her for all that she puts into her work and her genuine dedication to the holistic wellness of others. 

K Thomas




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